2 Door Oak Wardrobe with Ivory White Painted Body and Oak Top

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A 2-door wardrobe with a white finish and an oak top would be a stylish and versatile piece of furniture for any bedroom. The combination of white and oak offers a modern yet timeless look that can complement various décor styles. The white finish gives the wardrobe a fresh and clean appearance, while the oak top adds warmth and texture to the design. The 2-door design provides ample storage space for clothing, accessories, and other items, helping to keep your bedroom organized and clutter-free. Overall, a 2-door white wardrobe with an oak top would make a beautiful and functional addition to your home.

  • Dimensions: 100 x 55 x 190 cm (W x D x H)
  • Colour: White Painted body with Oak tops
  • Requires Assembly: Yes
  • Material: Solid Oak & Real Oak Veneer Painted

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Oak Wardrobe White

Step into the world of elegance and functionality with our exquisite 2 Door Wardrobe. Featuring a stunning ivory white painted body and a luxurious oak top, this wardrobe is the epitome of style and sophistication. Designed to elevate any bedroom decor, this wardrobe not only adds a touch of glamour to your space but also provides ample storage for all your clothing and accessories.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this 2 Door Wardrobe is as sturdy as it is beautiful. The two doors open to reveal a spacious interior with hanging rails and shelves, allowing you to organize your wardrobe with ease. Whether you need a place to hang your dresses and suits or store your folded garments, this wardrobe has got you covered.

Say goodbye to cluttered spaces and hello to a well-organized and chic bedroom with our 2 Door Wardrobe. Transform your room into a sanctuary of style and functionality with this elegant piece of furniture. Upgrade your bedroom decor today with this timeless wardrobe that combines beauty, practicality, and quality in one exquisite package.


  • oak construction
  • Warm, natural stain finish
  • Simple, classic design
  • Ample storage space
  • Built to last


  • Adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your home
  • Comfortable and stylish place to relax and sleep
  • Built to last for many years to come

simple lines and classic design of this set will make your bedroom a relaxing and inviting space.

We have a good selection of other 2 door wardrobes available.

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190 cm



55 cm




White, Snow White

Assembly Required



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