White High Gloss Tv Unit  are the latest in trendy and futuristic furniture. The High gloss surface provides a reflective surface that helps to bounce the light around the room.
Most High Gloss Tv stands will be high gloss on the doors or fronts only so please check the description to find out what each unit has to offer, the more premium of TV stands will have high gloss on the top front and sides and will be considered more durable that the standard white high gloss tv unit.
High Gloss TV Units, are usually easy to assemble and maintain. The can be easily cleaned with a quick wipe down using a cloth because due to the surface, it makes it easy to clean. 
The White Gloss TV stands can also come with LED lights, these lights can usually be changed in colour and pattern but again please check the description to make sure they do come with LED lights and always ask if you are unsure. The LED lights can really compliment a gloss tv unit which adds to the futuristic nature of these TV stands.
White Gloss TV Cabinet’s are available in a range of sizes to suit the users TV, Typically, a 55Inch Tv Stand will require a tv stand that is 120cm in width and a 65 Inch Tv stand will require a Tv unit which is 140cm in width and then a 75Inch TV stand will require a TV cabinet which is 160cm in width but its important to check the distance between the legs to make sure they fit well within this range as all TV’s can be different. 

We have Black Gloss TV Unit available and White Gloss TV unit available from the menu selection below. If you are unsure of anything and would like to know more about a particular unit, then please do get in touch. 

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