75 Inch Tv stands and 85 Inch TV stands in a high Gloss or White / Black Gloss.

We have a great selection of high gloss tv stands, and high gloss Sideboards with LED lights that will modernize your space in the latest of trendy furniture. A High Gloss surface is a must have, with its highly reflective surface that bounces the light around giving that wow factor. Grab a bargain while stocks last, with our top picks this month, and more white gloss TV stands found in the TV stand section of the shop.

We always try to recommend a TV size with each TV stand, but please remember that you should also check the dimensions of your TV and the legs that support it before you purchase, as each TV is different.

If you have a 75 Inch TV for example which is usually around 166cm wide you should be able to use a our 75 inch TV stands which is around 160cm wide where the tv will overhang a little on either side, or if you prefer we do have 85Inch Tv stands which are 180cm Wide but these are particular more expensive as they exceed most couriers maximum dimensions and the example chosen is high gloss on the front top and sides.

Other Popular sizes are 65 Inch Tv stands but these are harder to come by so you might better off going for the 160cm wide 75 Inch TV stands which is an alternative to the one mentioned above.

And then we have the 55 Inch Tv stands, our pick for a 55 Inch TV stand as its simple to build and the high gloss covers the entire front as opposed to just the doors which is often the case.

Whether you go with a white TV stand or a Black TV stand, we have a wide selection available on our website, which has been expertly reviewed and provide the best price and or quality for the users and if you have any questions, please do reach out to us using the contact us form.

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